Retroman Dum-Box




So .... a box based upon the structure of an infamous amplifier? Well, it does have that ,,,,, and a lot more.

It's... an absolutely succulent tone machine, a pre-amp (plug into a power amp), a direct recording tool, or even a late night headphone practice amp (just for kicks)


  • All discrete jfet circuitry in the "amplifier"!
  • Full amplifier topology - no short cuts
  • Extremely touch sensitive - go from clean to overdrive crunch with nothing more than altered pick attack!!!
  • Front access battery drawer!
  • Cab simulation circuitry built in!
  • ...and the retroman design and build quality you have come to expect

Lets go through the controls...

  • VOLUME - this is the drive sent to the first 2 gain stages. In addition, this is a Push/Pull knob: "In" is the standard BOLD (ROCK) tone path ..... pull the knob out for the SMOOTH (JAZZ) path.
  • MASTER - this is the overall output volume. This controls the level going to the amplifier or to the input of the Cab Simulation circuitry .... when using the Cab Simulator, it is advised to keep the master below 12:00 to minimize possible overloading of the input.
  • BASS - MID - TREBLE - the EQ follows a topology similar to blackface amplifiers with tweaks influenced by the original series of amplifiers by Alexander Dumble. Very interactive!
  • OD GAIN - this controls the level of the signal being introduced into an additional 2 gain stages. This control also fills in as a power switch - turn the control fully anti-clockwise and the power is disconnected from the circuit.
  • OD LEVEL - think of this as a master volume for the OD stage .... overall output is still governed by the MASTER VOLUME control.
  • CAB SIM GAIN - controls the gain/input level into the Cab Simulator circuit. This is very sensitive filtering circuitry, so I have also implemented a trimmer on the board to control the input gain to minimize clipping.
  • BRIT / CALI SWITCH - Choose the voicing of the output! Use your ears to find the one you like.
  • CAB SIM OUTPUT - Level of signal to your recording box / power amp , etc.
  • BYPASS FOOTSWITCH - Effect in/out - True Bypass - also controls the input to the Cab Simulation circuit .... either the direct input from the input jack (when bypassed) or the output of the DumBox preamplifier circuitry (when engaged).
  • BOOST FOOTSWITCH - this, like the works of Alexander Dumble, bypasses sections of the tone stack to give a bolder present tone.
  • OVERDRIVE FOOTSWITCH - as one would expect, this engages or disengages the additional 2 gain stages of the Overdrive section.

Input/output jacks:

  • DC IN - input for 9V DC - filtered and isolated power supplies will give best performance and lowest noise.
  • IN - Input for guitar
  • CAB OUT - This is the output of the CAB Simulation circuit.
  • OUT - This is the output of the DumBox - when this jack is used, the input to the Cab Sim is bypassed.

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