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The Buzz-A-Like is based on the Baldwin Buzzaround, one of the legendary lost fuzzers of the 60’s and 70’s. Not many units were made and the circuit was only traced in recent years by Dave Main and Andy Carroll I believe.

The Buzzaround is an interesting fuzz circuit, different from the Fuzz Face and Tonebender/Big Muff variants. The controls are very interactive, Sustain controls the amount of signal going from the first stage into the second, more signal, more fuzz and sustain. Timbre is a tone control that works very well, it also changes the volume so the Balance control, which adjusts the bias on the third transistor, is used to ‘balance’ this – but as it changes the bias it also has its own effect on the fuzz – all very interactive making for versatile fuzz. As the circuit can do stupid loud I’ve added a master volume control which I have found very useful.

The unit can be powered by either a 9 volt battery or the standard Boss type negative tip 2.1mm power supply as I have included a polarity converter in the circuit (it being positive ground). It has true mechanical bypass switching and an indicator light.

Produces a great wall of fuzz, plenty of clips of Buzzaround’s on Youtube if you want to get an idea of how it sounds.

I haven’t used the original transistors; instead I have selected germaniums from my stock of the correct gain ranges (as measured from the original unit) and then sorted by ear to find the best sound. If you want to have one built with original (or other) transistors and would like to source them, I’ll happily do the build for you.

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