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July 4, 2012 - In anticipation of the discovery of the Higgs Boson, and to celebrate our country’s independence on this Fourth of July, we are very proud to announce a development of our own here at Resonant Electronic Design.

What was once just a simple idea will soon become a reality. We have developed a pedal we call The Small Hadron ColliderTM. It will feature Volume and Tone controls, and offer a deceivingly wide array of tones. Ranging from a dark and tweedy bite, to a midrange-y crunch reminiscent of the earliest amps from the British Isles, and the chimey grind of your favorite amps from Liverpool, the SHC will deliver all the harmonic excitement you could ever need.

Getting these tones won’t be easy though - each and every one of these pedals will be hand-tuned by Wes and I. As a result, these will only be available on a limited basis. On August 1st, we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds necessary to complete to this project. There will only be 50 SHC’s available through this campaign, and contributing to the campaign will be the only way to get one of these pedals. Contribute early to ensure that you can get one!

Resonant Electronic Design

The Small Hadron Collider started out as a dream - we wanted to build a pedal that had the natural gain structure and feel of our Manifold Drive, the incredible amount of gain from our Graviton Boost, and a nice mid-range (think Tweed Harvard or Deluxe) response.

An afternoon of tweaking and testing turned into a full-blown operation. When the dust settled, we had a circuit that did all of the things we wanted - it had the harmonic richness of the Manifold, it had the volume boost of the Graviton, and it had the tone control from our favorite tweed combo amps. There was one complication: the transistors we use in this circuit are VERY dependent on the components around them. This makes it hard to mass produce (even with 1% resistors and 5% caps). We initially abandoned the idea, figuring that production would become too complicated to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Our solution? Only offer a limited number of pedals via this Kickstarter campaign. Each SHC sold via this campaign will have to be hand-tweaked by us. Several aspects of the circuit require specific calibration, and if you choose the $300 option, you can personally request a specific tonal range for the pedal based on the sounds you want and the other gear that you want to use it with.

This Kickstarter is sort of an experiment for us, and we're hoping that you'll help us make it work. This really is the only chance the Small Hadron Collider has to make it off our bench, and it's a chance for you to get one seriously cool pedal.

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