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We approached the Manifold Drive a little differently. We didn't just copy an old proven design, instead we had specific goals in mind and designed a new overdrive circuit from the ground up to meet our expectations. We wanted a pedal that could capture the subtle nuance of high quality tube amp overdrive. What we ended up with is so much more.

The Manifold Drive looks deceptively simple, yet contains a plethora of useful tones that you'll love. The "Drive" control ranges from an incredibly mild soft clipping useful for solo boosts into cranked amps, to an all-out fuzz-like tonal aggression. We designed a entirely new clipping circuit that is able to mimic the compression envelope of an old, tube-rectified, push-pull tube amp. The three settings of the EQ switch allow for very different guitars to be used with the Manifold without having to alter the tone settings on your amp drastically.

Just like in our Graviton Boost, the Manifold Drive uses a discrete Class A topology and is built with audiophile grade components. Try it out, and you'll never want to play without one again.


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