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Resonant Electronic Design

The Graviton Boost is more than just a simple volume control. The classic discrete, class-A circuit topology is reminiscent of vintage studio pre-amplifiers, while providing a twist on a classic theme that makes you want to leave it "on" all the time.

This thing gets LOUD. Really loud. By employing state-of-the-art circuit board layout techniques and only the best possible components, the noise floor on the Graviton is nearly imperceptible, even at full tilt. We literally spent years tweaking the circuit topology and components to give your signal a subtle sweetness just by turning this pedal on.

Whether you're a "guitar-cord-amp" kind of player, or have a giant rig full of the world's best FX units, the Graviton will find a place into your tone. Use it to drive the front end of your amp for just a little bit more hair and a lead boost, or drive it with another booster or OD for sweet triode-like clipping, the Graviton will make a obvious improvement in your tone.

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