Resonant Electronic Design


    Resonant Electronic Design is run by Wes Kuhnley and Peter Bregman. They're located in Minneapolis, MN, USA, Earth, Sol System, Milky Way...

    Timeline (by Wes Kuhnley)

    I started building amps in '05 with no name at first, and eventually under Resonant Electronic Design. Peter and I worked together at this point at GRE, and we started developing the pedals in late '08, early '09.

    The Manifold Drive and Graviton Boost were released in early '10 and have driven the growth of our company since then. At that time, I discontinued the original, single channel amps I had been building to develop the current, two channel versions.

    During the summer of 2011 we developed the Acceleron Fuzz, and released it at the Nashville Amp Expo that year.

    This spring (2012) will finally see the release of the two channel amps to our dealer network.

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