REPro Audio Valve Age Model 1


REPro Audio


  • S-Waves
  • Sinusoid
  • Tube
  • Bias
  • Tone
  • Volume

VALVE AGE Model 1 is a boutique valve overdrive / distortion.

Born from the passion and research in sound perfection.

Designed with an eye to the past, with inside the flavor and design of the 60 '.

A totally professional pedal and very characteristic, with a special and unique switch control over half waves and a constant bias on the valve.

Two separate controls for different types of distortion and overdrive mixed with each other, to find your perfect balance.

An equalization section HI pass / Low pass which does not attenuate the output signal. A very high headroom to maximize your dynamic.

Power supply designed to maintain the valve harmonic and the quality of response, only present on hi-end or professional studio equipment. In fact, no external switching power supply is used, which would introduce hum and noise, it's filtered inside.

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