Rehard Six-O-Tone - Sound and Effects Variator


The Rehard Six-O-Tone Sound and Effects Variator is a vintage, rare and unique Italian made fuzz pedal.

The rotary controls control volume and "PEP" (gain), the six buttons select presets going from fuzz to overdrive and distortion.

It's possible to select two buttons at the same time and generate a mix of presets.

It was made in the late '60s Italian's factory called REHARD, a brand of small TVs and radios (both with tubes and transistors) that might have been a division of LESA who also produced musical instruments like small electric organs, magnetophones, small microphones, guitar and PA amps and the beautiful Fonovalige, small portable turntables.

Inside the Six-O-Tone there are some Ducati branded components.

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