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The Birth of a new tone!

That's it, Ladies and Gentleman, our first product...the Fuzz One.

A silicon Fuzz that Black Flag would love! Acid and psychedelic, fat and sharp at the same time. The plot is compact and dense.

Practically noiseless, he will left you breathless with his infinite dynamic!

Thanks to the stratospheric touch sensibility, keeps a warm and round sound, sexy like a woman that whisper to your hear, simply turning down the volume of your guitar, with the FUZZ control all turned up!

Grind if you use in the Rhythmical section, sustain a gogo if you use it in the ass-olo.

Controls are:

  • Punch: because the volume of this jewel will make you deaf.
  • Mids: a tone control patented by Regular, which will boost some frequencies selected for you by Mr.Regular.
  • Fuzz: to control the amount of distortion.

The reference genre are very extended, and goes by the Hendrix-like fuzz, trough the California Hardcore Punk, Indie, Garage and the most original Kyuss-style...only one suggestion: THIS IS NOT FOR BRITISH POP FROM '90!

Huge Volume and thanks to the MIDS pots you can boost the midrange to have a very impressive and massive sound!

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