Red Witch Deluxe Moon Phaser


  • Velocity
    determines the rate of the phase/tremolo sweep - from an incredibly slow rise and fall to a super fast pulse.
  • Trajectory
    A unique control which adjusts the shape of the phased wave.
  • Cosmology
    a six position rotary switch which selects the phase, tremolo or tremo-phase stage.


Red Witch

The Deluxe is a response to the many requests that we've received for a version of the Moon Phaser that has both status indicator and a stereo output.

The Deluxe unit features a superbrite Emerald LED - now even the deaf will know you're using the phaser, as well as our special stereo out; one output carries the wet phased signal and the other carries a special inverted dry signal. Hook the unit up to two amps and you're in celestial stereo heaven.

The unit can also be used with just one amplifier - exactly the same way the std Moon Phaser is used; just attach your amp to the mono output.


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