Red Witch Fuzzotron


Red Witch (2005)

Behold! The Fuzzotron

Terrifying robot overlord of all things fuzz.

Fear his wrath and pray to your feeble gods that the twisted blasphemy of the Zeus effect is not unwittingly unleashed by some musicians' hapless foot.

Yes, well, quite...

The Fuzzotron may well be your only chance to ever own a Red Witch fuzz pedal. We've been asked by swags of good people to produce one but we've refrained, until now.

In light of the unspeakable devastation and loss of life due to the recent Tsunamis we felt that we had to contribute something to those agencies helping those in need. So we're auctioning off a very special batch of totally new pedals.

The fuzzotron uses a unique circuit and will not be available at any other time. We are only ever building 5 heard right... just 5, and these will be available for you to bid on over the next week on ebay.

Every single cent from the sales of these units will be given to the Red Cross to aid their efforts in tsunami effected areas- we're not making anything from their sale. The auctions are being co-ordinated by Teddy at - he's donating his time, advertising and some pedals to the cause. Ebay are donating their fees.

At no other time in most of our lives has there been such a need to help our fellow human beings - here's a great way to help financially and also get a totally collectable and unique pedal.

The Fuzzotron has 5 controls;

  • Fuzz - Strangely enough this controls the level of fuzz.
  • Sput - Make it smooth or make it sputty - fully clockwise and the sound is silky and saturated, spin it anticlockwise and its a squashed, funky, stuttery, sputtery mess (like the last stages of a bad case of diarrhoea)
  • Mash - This controls the spongyness of the sound - you could also imagine it controlling the teeth of the sound; anticlockwise for nice round mashers, clockwise for sharp fangs.
  • Vol - No uncouth Tourette's analogies here - this controls the output volume.
  • Zeus - Oh dear, oh dear dear dear. Well ,there's no use beating around the bush - when this control is engaged by depressing the second footswitch all hell breaks loose. This control does a great many things depending on where your other controls are set to - you can get out of control analog synth suboctave rumbles, eternal sustained feedback notes, modem styled noise desperately trying to take over your guitar sound plus a stupidly large number of other diabolic tones. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Other Guff:

  • The Fuzzotron uses vintage germanium transistors for its' fuzzadelic eruptions.
  • To start the beast up you need one nine volt battery.
  • His gizzards are all top notch - switchcraft sockets, truebypass etc and all electronics are guaranteed forever.

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