Red Witch Empress Chorus/Vibrato


Red Witch (2008)

Born of the same stock as the Red Witch Medusa chorus-trem , the Empress offers unparalleled chorus options.

An infinite number of analog chorus/vibe devices in one box...


  • Her most enticing feature is the unique voicing control; this dial allows you to access virtually any chorus sound you could desire! It changes the delay time - it's on a pot so you've got an infinite number of chorus pedals in one box - from super spanky sparkling clean to noisy, sea sick inducing, pitch bending wobble.

  • Delay time determines a big part of any chorus units tone/flavour/sound - short delay creates a very pristine, airy chorus whereas longer delay time gives more ‘wobble' and ‘throb'. Unfortunately virtually all devices available only have one fixed delay setting - or at most a choice of two.....

    We've designed a circuit that lets you adjust the delay time via a potentiometer - from one extreme to the other and everything in between. In it's most extreme settings the device will produce some hiss - this would be expected within the last third of the voicing controls sweep.

  • Vibe/Chorus Switch; Choose between Chorus or Vibrato mode. When in vibrato Mode you can use the voicing dial to choose from gentle, subtle pitch shifting through to wild semitone leaps. The voicing control functions in vibe mode the same way it does in chorus mode - it shifts the delay time. Nasty or Nice - you choose.

  • Velocity; Super stand still slow to freaked out fast

  • Mix; As clean or as chorusy as you like

  • Depth; From a delicate flutter to a sickening swing.

  • Stereo Out; The Empress loves to function in stereo - harness her to two amplifiers and stand in between them - one will carry the dry signal and the other will carry the wet. The chorusing occurs in the air between the amps. Neat.

  • Bright switch; This allows you to access some more sparkle on the more shimmery settings (Set voicing anywhere between 7 o'clock and 11 o'clock) . Engaging this switch in more extreme settings will add background hiss.

  • Internal slide switch; The Empress has two different input stages - the slide switch lets you choose between them. The unit is preset by us to the Medusa input stage setting. The other position provides a little more boost and slightly different tonal response. Feel free to try both.

  • Switching; The Empress uses True Bypass switching. When she's not turned on she's just like a piece of guitar cable (A lady's allowed to have some quirks!).

  • Power; The Empress can run from either a nine volt battery, or from an external nine volt supply, via a 2.1mm socket.

  • Other Goodies; The pedal is housed in a diecast aluminum box which is coated in our unique vintage pearl finish, and screen printed with the appropriate images. All our pedals used only the highest quality, close tolerance parts, to ensure decades of hassle free use.


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