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The Grantler is a simple but versatile pedal based on a 1W power amp chip to simulate that special distortion only a saturated amp can deliver.  

The circuit was designed in the tradition of modern classics but with the trademark °red sun fx tweaks and twists to make it a great pedal with its own character and possibilities. The „Pegel“ knob on the left controls the overall Master output of the power amp. „Grant“ on the right controls the preamp gain that will be passed on to the power amp and will also alter the sonic spectrum of the distortion. There is an internal „Beer“ dip switch that is set to ON when the pedal is delivered. Flipping it to OFF (one Beer) position will lower the available gain of the power amp by a factor of 10, so you can turn the pedal from a brutal distortion to a crunch channel in no time. Attention: This circuit is LOUD - please start testing with „Pegel" set to 3 o’clock.

BTW: „Grantler“ is a Bavarian term for a grumpy, sometimes older man who is usually sitting in beer gardens and at the „Stammtisch“es in Munich and generally in southern Germany swearing and shouting about all kinds of thing that annoy him. If you happen to meet one of them, they will be like this pedal: loud & rude!

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