Red Panda Subdivision


Red Panda

Red Panda Subdivision is an octave divider/subharmonic generator. It creates octave fuzz tones, synth sounds, or just fattens up your signal.

Mix any combination of:

  • input signal
  • octave up
  • octave down
  • two octaves down
  • third or fifth down

The Subdivision doesn't convert your signal to a square wave or do digital pitch shifting. It's not a digital model of an analog octave fuzz or octave divider. Instead, we thought about the native digital way to accomplish the same effect and developed a new algorithm from scratch. The generated signals are synthetic, but retain the character of your input signal. There is an independent filter for each one, with a single frequency control. A sub tone control makes subtle changes in the harmonics.

    • Dry level: off to +12 dB
    • +1 octave level: off to +12 dB
    • -1 octave level: off to +12 dB
    • -2 octave level: off to +12 dB
    • Subharmonic level: off to +12 dB
    • Filter
    • Suboctave tone (3 positions)
    • Subharmonic (5th down, 5th below suboctave, 3rd below suboctave)

Technical Specs:

  • Generates new signals with the following frequencies:
    • One octave up
    • One octave down
    • Two octaves down
    • Subharmonic, one of:
      • (_5th) A fifth below one octave down (a just perfect fourth above two octaves down)
      • (-5th) A fifth down (a just perfect fourth above one octave down)
      • (_3rd) A just major third below one octave down (a just minor sixth above two octaves down)
  • 100 MIPS DSP
  • Stereo or mono operation
  • Tap/bypass switch
  • Requires 90 mA, center negative 9V DC power supply or 9V battery (we recommend using the Line 6 DC1 power supply)

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