Red Panda


    Red Panda is a company building DSP-based guitar pedals owned by Curt Malouin in Detroit, USA.

    It is a four-person company based in a 1920 building that was originally a garage and showroom for Model T-based automobiles.

    Timeline (by Curt Malouin)

    • April 2009: started working on first pedal designs.
    • September 2009: formed Red Panda LLC.
    • October 2009: released the Red Panda Bitcrusher for the Line 6 ToneCore platform.
    • June 2010: released the Subdivision octave/subharmonic generator ToneCore module.
    • December 2011: released the Particle granular delay / pitch shift pedal.
    • September 2012: released the Context reverberator.
    • June 2013: moved out of spare bedroom into a workshop in the Green Garage, Detroit.
    • October 2014: moved into a larger workshop.
    • November 2014: released the Bitmap bitcrusher.

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