REDesign Vintage Fuzz



The Vintage Fuzz is a 2 transistor fuzz based on the Jordan Bosstone circuit, with a few tweaks.

The controls are as follows, from left to right:

  • Level: adjusts the overall output level, lots of volume on tap.

  • Vintage/Modern switch: Switches between 2 sets of clipping diodes. The Vintage mode uses germanium diodes and produces a thinner, raspy, nasty fuzz. The Modern mode uses silicon diodes and produces a smoother fuzz, with slightly more volume.

  • Fuzz: adjusts the amount of fuzz. Can get pretty clean at low settings, and you can used the volume on the guitar to clean up the sound even at maximum settings.

The sound clips were recorded with using a Gretsch Corvette fitted with Firebird pickups, into a clean amp. The first clip uses the Vintage mode and the second clip used the Modern mode.

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