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REDesign (about the 3 knob version)

The Percolator Fuzz is my interpretation of the rare Interfax Harmonic Percolator. This version is practically identical to the original circuit, except I substituted a few components to improve the performance and reduce the noise level of the circuit, and added a third control. Except for the additional control and the limited edition graphic, the circuit is identical to the one in the video above. From left to right, the controls are:

  • Level: adjusts the overall volume output.
  • Texture: Pans between 2 sets of diodes (germanium and silicon) to vary the texture of the fuzz. This also affects the volume output of the circuit slightly.
  • Fuzz: controls the amount of fuzz.

Like most fuzz pedals, this one works best when placed first in the effects chain.  To my ears, it also sounds best when used with a slightly overdriven amplifier.

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