REDesign Orpheus Fuzz



This pedal features all new professionally produced graphics and finish, and is completely hand-wired by myself the old fashioned way using through-hole components, with no board mounted jacks, pots or switches. 

Like most fuzz pedals,the circuit is based on an old design from the 1960s, the Orpheum fuzz. However, after my changes and updates to the circuit it can hardly be called a clone. The end result is an extremely dynamic fuzz that cleans up well using the volume control on the guitar.

The controls are as follows, from left to right:

  • Level: adjusts overall output level.
  • Tone: unlike most tone controls, this one adjusts the bass frequencies.
  • Fuzz: adjusts amount of fuzz.

The sound clip was recorded with a Jazzmaster on the bridge pickup, through a clean amp. I keep the Fuzz control at max throughout the clip, varying the sound by using the Tone control on the pedal and the volume control on the guitar.

Like all my pedals, it is wired for true bypass and runs on standard Boss-style negative tip 9-volt adapter, no battery. I offer a 14 day trial period, if you are not satisfied you can return the pedal for a full refund (buyer pays return shipping). 

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