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The Maelstrom Fuzz is a high gain fuzz similar to a Big Muff in sound, although the circuit is quite different. With the sustain knob at max, it has a compressed attack that blooms into infinite sustain, even at low volume, and is very responsive to the volume knob on the guitar. In fact, 98% of users surveyed agree that the Maelstrom Fuzz produces 23% more sustain than the Big Muff, 87% of the time.

The controls are as follows, from left to right:

  • Level: adjusts the overall output level

  • Tone: an interesting variation on the standard one knob tone control, it varies the bass and treble content, and is interactive with the Sustain control in varying the gain of the circuit. Fully counterclockwise produces the most bass and gain, and fully clockwise you get less bass and more treble, with minimum gain somewhere around 12 o'clock.

  • Sustain: adjusts the amount of fuzz and compression. Maximum fuzz at 12 o'clock, after which the sound just gets more and more compressed.

The sound clips were recorded with a Telecaster using the vintage output bridge pickup exclusively, into a clean amp.

The first clip shows the range of the Sustain control, starting off low and increasing to maximum by the end of the clip, and the effect of the Tone control on the overall sound and gain of the pedal.

The second clip shows how responsive the circuit is to the volume control on the guitar. With the Sustain control at max throughout the clip, I vary the sound using the volume control on the guitar and the Tone control on the pedal.

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