REDesign JB Fuzz



The REDesign JB Fuzz is a dual channel fuzz based on the Jordan Bosstone circuit. One channel (blue LED) is a standard Bosstone fuzz with adjustable gain, while the other channel (green LED) features a 4 position rotary Voice switch which changes the EQ and gain range of that channel. Both channels share a master volume control. Higher gain settings on both channels produce some audible lower octaves sometimes, this is normal.

The controls are as follows:

upper row, from left to right:

    • Gain: controls the amount of gain of the green channel.
    • Volume: Master volume for both channels
    • Gain: controls the amount of gain of the blue channel

Lower row:

    • Voice switch: 4 position rotary switch changes the EQ  and gain range of the green channel, from trebly and rude to warm and smooth. Some settings sound like a fixed wah pedal is engaged.

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