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Like all my pedals, the REDesign GE Boost Germanium Boost pedal features point to point construction and is wired for true bypass. It uses a specially chosen, properly biased OC140 Germanium transistor. The knob on the left adjusts the level of volume boost and the one one the right selects the type of boost. With the knob turned fully counterclockwise, you get the traditional treble boost and with the knob turned fully clockwise you get a full range boost. Using a pot instead of a switch for this function allows you to dial in precisely the amount of treble boost or full range boost needed, so the pedal is equally suited for use with single coil or humbucker guitars. I managed to cram all this in one of those mini enclosures so it barely takes up any room on your pedalboard! You won't find another treble boost pedal with these features and for this price anywhere! Due to its small size, the pedal uses a standard center negative adapter jack for power, no battery.

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