REDesign BC Buzz



The REDesign BC Buzz is a Fuzz Face-style fuzz that uses a pair of BC108 silicon transistors for a more modern sound with slightly more gain than the germanium version.

The trick to building a great sounding silicon transistor fuzz pedal is to select transistors with the proper gain measurement. I make sure to test and select only the transistors that meet this requirement. This results in a fuzz pedal that retains all the best qualities of the germanium fuzz without any of the problems associated with germanium transistors. You won't find another comparable fuzz pedal for this price anywhere else.

Due to the small size, it does not use a battery. It runs on a standard Boss-style 9 volt adapter jack. I build these myself one at a time with top-notch components and guarantee my work. I offer a 14 day trial period, if you are not satisfied you can return the unit for a full refund (less shipping).

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