Red Eft Electronics Fuze - Harmonic Vacuum Tube Preamp


Red Eft Electronics

Based around a set of handpicked new old stock Raytheon JAN6418 subminiature military grade amplification pentodes running at proper operating voltages, the Fuze offers a harmonically rich tube preamp and efficacious set of tone controls in a board friendly enclosure.

Designed for use as a means of audio and radio frequency amplification in functionally demanding devices such as the radio proximity fuzes the United States developed for missile detonation in the midst of World War II, and a host of other circuits; vintage subminiature tubes such as the Raytheon made JAN6418 are built to perform for countless hours without rest or malfunction and are rated to withstand forces above 20,000G’s.
Utilizing a pair of these amazing pieces of yesteryear for it’s all tube Class A signal path, the Fuze offers a sonically warm dual gain stage preamp, that just like a full and proper tube amp, can be pushed into overdrive by adding signal boosters before it in a pedal chain. That, coupled with a notably utilitarian equalization section consisting of a discrete wide sweeping tone control with a light mid boost, and a flat EQ’d 6db boost available from a Tone Stack Lift switch, makes the Fuze a straightforward but potent tube preamp that will satisfy even the most sagacious of audiophiles.

Product Specifications:

  • Hand Wired Point To Point
  • Gavitt Cloth Covered Wire used throughout
  • 18V Operation
  • Switchcraft 1/4″ I/O Jacks
  • Davies dakaware knobs
  • CDE & Sprague Signal Capacitors
  • Dale Military Grade %1 Rated Resistors
  • Hammond 15º Sloped Enclosure
  • NOS Raytheon JAN 6418 Tubes (operating at proper voltages & bias)
  • True Bypass Switching


  • Volume
  • Gain
  • Tone
  • Tone Stack Lift (switch)
  • On/Off (stomp switch)

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