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This pedal is point-to-point hand-wired, using lead free, silver-core solder. It is an amazing sounding rich, full, and warm 1970's vintage distortion. Fully adjustable volume and gain, bright LED in chrome-plated housing. The enclosure is heavy duty cast aluminum. Powder coated and ultra-rugged! True bypass switching! USA parts are used whenever possible, and many of the components are vintage new old stock. It runs on a standard 9vdc Boss style adapter (included). It does not run on batteries.

Why point-to-point wiring? Point-to-point wiring is used to keep the signal path as short as possible, which helps minimize interference and noise in the circuit. the circuit flows logically from input to output. The logical signal flow and short wire runs make for a bolder, richer tone.

The "Dust to Burn" distortion pedal is used by Sonic Youth, The Animals at Night and many others.

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