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Call it a filter, a waveshaper, a mangler, a crusher, but it’s name is the Dead Session. It’s an analog duo filterbank that produces warm, hand-wired sounds combined with a classic feature set, built into a low-profile, high-quality desktop module.

Filter 1 is a low-pass filter with course and fine controls. From massive low-end to extreme, distorted self-resonation. Filter 2 is a Twin-T notch filter. It ranges from low-pass filter to scooped mids to ultra thin sounds. 

Pro Audio Features.

The Dead Session operates at line level to accommodate pro audio recording signals, as well as keyboards, drum machines, guitars, or whatever you’d like to experiment with. It’s completely hand-wired with no printed circuit board, providing the best signal path and richest tone for your signal source. Recovery Effects uses lead-free solder and U.S.A. parts whenever possible. It operates on a standard 9vdc industry standard negative center, 2.1 barrel regulated power supply. It includes a full-lifetime warranty.

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