Raygun FX Soda Drive+


Raygun FX

Raygun FX – Soda Drive+ Overdrive/Distortion Pedal.

Now updated with a 3 way toggle switch, changing between Silicon and Germanium diodes for different distortion flavours!

From a slight Blues drive to full on meaty distortion, this pedal is great for getting a nice drive from even the cleanest of amps! Can also be used in Boost mode to drive an amp into overdrive.


  • 3 Way Toggle switch. Change between:
    • (LEFT) Standard Soda Drive Distortion
    • (MIDDLE) Booster Mode – Less gain, more volume
    • (RIGHT) Germanium Diode – Fuzzy distortion tones
  • Volume, Tone and Distortion controls
  • 9v DC Powered
  • True Bypass
  • Guitar or Bass Distortion
  • Hand Made Guitar Fx Pedal
  • Vintage control dials
  • Rubber grip feet
  • True Bypass
  • Quality jack input/output 


  • 24 Oct 2016 – New PCB, updated artwork. Tone & Dirt controls swapped positions. Toggle switch now goes left to right.
  • 5th Jan 2016 – New PCB, toggle switch for distortion modes added.

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