Raygun FX Mini Aurora LoFi Delay v2


Raygun FX

Raygun FX – Aurora LoFi Delay-verb (Mini V2)

UPDATED FOR 2016! – To make it fit better on your board, we have redesigned the Aurora mini. Now with added ‘Time’ switch to select between short and longer delays, allowing you to get more delay times, as well as some fun sounds changing between the two!

All the same features and classic lofi delay tones of the standard Aurora delay – Just a smaller enclosure!

From a short Reverb, to a Slap back Delay, to a long spaced out delays and a bunch of lofi noises in between!

For delay lovers, this freaky delay is an unusual beast, with some warm, but lofi tones.

  • Aurora Lofi Delay Mini v2
  • Controls: Blend, Repeat and Speed & Delay Mode
  • Analogue style lofi delay
  • 9v DC Powered
  • True bypass
  • Green LED
  • Rubber grip feet
  • Quality clicking Jack input/output
  • Medium Enclosure (1590B): 110mm x 55mm x 45mm

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