RawkWorks Night OD


The Night OD retains most of the characteristics of the Light OD but is tweaked for tonal excellence at higher gains. The modifications produce:

  • More available gain
  • Less of a mid range content at higher gains
  • More aggressive gain structure


The Night OD is an expanded version of the Light OD. The Night OD can achieve the clean tones of the Light OD while allowing a little more bass and adjusting the mid range peak. The Light OD will enhance and push your amp's natural tone into breakup with elegance, class, and a little attitude. The Night OD will show up WAY too late, uninvited, take it to the wrong side of the tracks, teach it tones no one knew existed, and melt the face of every listener within earshot. And you will love it.

Perfect for the musician wanting legendary rock distortion.


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2016-05-2110/10  The dirty boost of kings. Very Klon-ish but with twice the gain on tap. My go to ''add a little magic" pedal. ...

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