Ratin Pedals



    Ratin Pedals is run by Ali Reza Roshan Nahad in Shiraz, Iran.

    Timeline (by Ali Reza Roshan Nahad)

    • I started building pedals around the year 2000.
    • I was always looking for the tone of an amp in a box and achieved that in 2008 when I built a pedal after my own design that was tonally and dynamically responsive. I did not have the idea of putting this pedal into production.
    • Two and a half years ago (2009-2010) I was working on my own designs based to the 2008 design, and around that time 2 pedals were put into production.
      At that time I was for working for a Telecommunication company as the TI engineer (Telecommunication Integration) and I spent my spare time developing and optimizing the designs at home.


    Manufacturers: you can now submit your missing pedals. More info here.





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