Rastop Tweedy



This beauty comes from combining several ideas - soundwise it was tweed Bassman ("Tweedy"- is the first box with real tweed cover), six position varitone was inspired by old B.C.Rich Eagle guitar I played back in 1985, and uses inductor coil for tone shaping, treble booster part comes from mysterious Dallas Rangemaster. On top of everything it has three switchable gain settings - low (for humbuckers), medium and high.

Varitone rotary switch acts as a select frequency mid-cut filter, which successfully emulates Fender scooped-mids sound. Input impedance is similar to a tube stage, output- less than 10K.


  • Volume
  • Treble: full CCW is normal, going CW boosts highs
  • 6-position rotary Varitone switch:
    1. tone by passed
    2. lo-mid cut
    3. mid cut
    4. hi-mid cut
    5. low cut
    6. highest gain(fuzz)
  • mini switch: hi/low gain

True By-Pass On/Off, LED (super bright Blue is avail.), 9V battery, and 9V DC jack.

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