Rastop Super Divider


  • Clean
    controls the volume of the direct signal
  • Fuzz
    controls the amount of fuzz
  • Wacko On/Off
    adds high frequency harmonics to the mix, Clavinet-like sounds.
  • Octave/Fourth
    changes "Octave1" control pot to" Fourth" two octaves below ("Octave2" becomes inactive).
  • Octave 1
  • Octave 2



I was fooling around with dividers since late seventies. At that time CMOS chips were not available, so everything was based on discrete transistor flip-flops, but recordings with great sounds were a plenty…

A few of my favorite guitar solos with octave dividers:

  • Led Zeppelin - "Fool In The Rain" (from "In Through The Out Door")
  • Jeff Beck - "Come Dancing" ( from "Wired")
  • Rainbow - "Freedom Fighter" (from "Difficult to Cure")
  • Rory Gallagher - "When My Baby She Left Me" (from "BBC Sessions")

Almost every music electronics company used to make some sort of divider before and after introducing the DIVIDED pickup (AKA Roland GK-1). The most sophisticated one IMHO was MXR "Pitch Transposer", with excellent tracking and many unusual possibilities. Most of them are gone for good. Now you still can get BOSS OC-2, a nice box for the money. Do-It-Yourself guys should check Craig Anderton's article in April 1983 issue of Guitar Player magazine, excellent guide in building and playing (very important!) the divider.

Super Divider features:

  • Independent (really) volumes for Clean, Fuzz, Octave1 and Octave2 (one and two octaves below original pitch).
  • "Wacko" switch - adds high frequency harmonics to the mix, Clavinet-like sounds .
  • Octave-Fourth switch - changes "Octave1" control pot to" Fourth" two octaves below ("Octave2" becomes inactive)
  • Noise reduction, no sputtering at the end of decay.
  • Internal trimpots for input gain, tracking, master output volume
  • Box size (in mm): 65x120x45
  • Standard true By-Pass, LED, 9V battery or external 9V DC power.

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