Rastop Bass Super Divider


  • Clean
    controls the volume of the direct signal
  • Octafuzz
    controls the amount of fuzz
  • Wacko On/Off
    adds high frequency harmonics to the mix, Clavinet-like sounds.
  • Octave/Fourth
    changes "Octave1" control pot to" Fourth" two octaves below.
  • Octave 1
  • Filter
    controls the frequency of a variable band-pass filter, emphasizes different harmonics.



This is what I have done to the Super divider to adapt it for 4-string bass in standard tuning:

  1. First of all the power supply - one 9V battery is too small for a mighty rumble , needs +-15V rails.
  2. Substituted "fuzz" with "octafuzz" knob, which gives that clavinet buzz (when playing long sustained notes - great synth vibe) with addition of octave-UP frequency. The overall sound is similar to "wacko" switch in guitar divider. If intervals are processed - 4ths/5ths sound powerful and deeply distorted, seconds/others result with Ring-modulator-like combination frequencies. The last sound sample consists of three clips in the key of A : "octafuzz" +divided signal; "octafuzz" only, and mix of clean/ "octafuzz" /divided.
  3. Added "filter" knob ( BPF knob). HI-Q bandpass tunable filter gives plenty of sound choices, including emulating distortion and tuning in different harmonics. Affects only divided sound. Filter can be customized to accept expression pedal/control voltage for real-time control.
  4. Eliminated "2octaves below" sound, but left "4th two octaves below" for those who'd like to count amount of speaker movements per second. Example: if you play note E (on G string, 9th fret), you'll get an open A below . Try to play it simultaneously to get the idea.
  5. Included extensive filtering to "sinodize" the output for a natural string sound.
  6. Included dedicated "Infrabass" output jack for BI-amping ( those who use separate amps for lows and highs and can set a crossover frequency at 80- 200Hz will benefit the most).Recently I use stereo output jack wired this way: tip- main effect;ring- infrabass only, not switchable. If you use normal mono guitar cable, ring safely shorts to the ground.
  7. This one should be #1, Bass Super Divider tracks all 4 OPEN strings! Even if octave/fourth jumping happens, it still sounds very smooth. Trimpot inside allows adjustment of tracking sensitivity. Lots of filters... It still needs some practice to get the best sound, but all rules are the same - clean picking (one note at a time, mute everything else, pick or fingers work well, picking with palm muting gives amazing thump), use the neck pickup (the one which positioned as far from the bridge, as possible) - best with humbucking pickups, but single coils work fine too, just a little more noisy, vary the picking strength from low/normal in low positions to more intense above 12th fret. All samples were recorded with Yamaha BB 350, upgraded with Schecter single-coil pickups, directly into the console.


  • Clean - dry signal volume.
  • Octafuzz - octave-doubling fuzz volume.
  • Filter - octave down/fourth tone, variable band-pass filter, emphasizes different harmonics.
  • Octave/Fourth - divided volume.
  • Mini-switch - toggles between Octave down / Fourth two octaves down.

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