Rastop Bass Ring Modulator


  • Volume
    controls the output volume
  • Balance
    controls the mix between the clean (direct) signal and the ring modulation signal
  • Doubler/Ring
    switches between an octave-up effect and ring modulation
  • Frequency
    controls the ring modulation frequency
  • Envelope
    controls how much the ring modulation frequency responds to the envelope of the input signal


  • Input
    audio input
  • Output
    audio output
  • External Frequency Input
    pedal input to control the ring modulation frequency (set range with Envelope and Frequency knobs)



The latest improvements for bass (and guitar) players:

  • "Envelope" changes VCO frequency (initially high, after note played- low and back to high upon decay) according to note envelope. "Envelope" knob engages effect and sets maximum frequency, which goes above 10Khz.
  • "Frequency" knob sets the lowest frequency of envelope. When "Envelope" knob is fully CCW, "Frequency" acts as usual.
  • "Balance" knob blends clean (now it's really clean) and effect sounds (0 - 100% range), for Octave Doubler you flip the mini-switch.Check out the rich distortion with doubling!
  • External jack for expression pedal - control frequency with your foot, ring-o-whammy madness. Set the range with "Envelope" & "Frequency" knobs.
  • Improved noise/feedthrough reduction
  • Die-cast enclosure Hammond 1590S (a little wider than 1590N)

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