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Sounds of bass players/bands I've tried to nail - John Entwistle (R.I.P. John...), John Wetton (King Crimson, Family, Roxy Music, UK, Asia, Wishbone Ash, Uriah Heep), Mel Schacher (Grand Funk Railroad), Jack Bruce, Chris Squire (Yes). Pretty wide range?

Designed originally for a live rig (for use with bass amp), this box proved to be an excellent DI with great sound coming from plugging directly to console. Adding variable amount of distortion (from very subtle to enormous...) successfully emulates tape saturation effect of analog recording.

Standard/custom features include:

  • Two inputs- high and low sensitivity, to match your axe output. One-input boxes accept both active and passive basses.
  • EQ section- 3-band graphic (rotary pots), flat in the middle position, voiced for bass.
  • Distortion section- gain, tone, main EQ independent. MOSFET-based design.
  • Master section- volume and blend: CCW- pure EQ; CW -pure distortion. In recent models "blend" knob is substituted with individual volumes for EQ and Distortion.
  • +/-15V supply rails (plenty of clean headroom)
  • Enclosure - floor stompbox , rack mount, you suggest...
  • Output section- mono, stereo, balanced- by customer request.
  • Switching - panel, footswitch, remote. Any combination of EQ/ Distortion/Bypass available.

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