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Ramble FX

The Sola Sound Tone Bender* MKII Professional is legendary. It can be heard giving Jimmy Page endless sustain in It Might Get Loud. It is one of those few iconic pieces of gear that every guitar player needs. The Ramble FX Twin Bender shares the exact same circuit that made the Tone Bender* MKII Pro great, but also includes exciting new features not found on most other 'Benders. Twin Bender is hand-made from the best components, including fully tested and matched Germanium transistors and Mallory 150 capacitors.

Twin Bender has 4 unique features:

  1. The MKI.V (mark 1.5) switch, which transforms the Twin Bender from a 3 transistor MKII Pro into a 2 transistor MKI.V.

  2. The FAT switch, which add bass and volume, thickening the tone.

  3. A specialty, external bias pot located next to the output jack that can be adjusted with a guitar pick.

  4. A built-in voltage inverter. This a favorite feature for people who like to power their pedals from a wall adapter. The proper type of transistors used in the Tone Bender circuit require opposite polarity power, which means that they cannot share a power supply with other pedals. Most other 'Bender pedals get around this by only using batteries, or by using the incorrect type of transistor. Twin Bender solves this problem with a built-in voltage inverter, so even though it uses the correct type of transistors, it can be run off a wall adapter shared with other pedals, daisy-chained. (NOTE: the inverter is the IC chip that can be seen in the photo of the internals)

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