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The Marvel Drive is a unique take on the greatest rock n' roll amp of all time, the British plexi. We all know that great tone, the KRRRR-ANG of the high stings, the growl of the low stings. It can be heard in recordings from all of the greats, including Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and many, many more. That is the magic that Marvel Drive captures.

The first thing you notice about the Marvel Drive is the genuine gold plexi faceplate, just like the amplifiers have. But what really counts is on the inside. Marvel Drive was designed using stacked and cascaded JFETs which respond like tube stages in an amplifier. It is not another design with clipping diodes that never sound realistic, or a pedal loaded with TMB controls and various switches that don't do much of anything.

A well known secret to great tone out of the vintage, 4 input plexis is to use a patch cable to connect 2 of the inputs together. When this is done, the HIGH TREBLE and the NORMAL volumes are both active, in parallel, and can be used to blend the channels together for the perfect crunchy combination.

That is what Marvel Drive recreates. Marvel Drive uses 2 JFET gain stages in parallel, one with a bright and throaty scream, and one that brings the thump of a full stack. This configuration delivers a powerful way to get the perfect setting with only 3 knobs. No useless TMB knobs, no extra switches.

"I love the way those two volumes interact with eachother. It's like really rockin' with a Marshall head" -GEARMANNDUDE

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