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Looking for that boutique California overdrive? Our latest offering, the Ramay’s Audio Works Ramm-Ble (pronounced “Ram-bull”) pedal can get you there! Based on the much sought-after, legendary overdrive made famous by studio and blues / fusion players, the Ramm-Ble captures the tonal traits, touch sensitivity, and clarity you’d expect from a California boutique pedal. It’s perfect for adding textures to a clean amp, giving you that wonderfully smooth, bluesy overdrive. Crank the drive up for a warm, singing sustain; turn the drive down to add body and feel. Experience the distinctive “bloom” that is so characteristic of the California tone! The “Voice” and “Tone” knobs give you complete control over your tonal landscape, and will let you dial in your sound with just the right amount of presence. Use the Ramm-Ble as a boost or overdrive. This unique pedal is very responsive to adjustments of your guitar volume control; you can have a boutique tonal palette literally at your fingertips. Lush, fat chords to thick, musical sustain, while keeping note articulation and definition…the Ramm-Ble overdrive can do it!


  • True Bypass Switching
  • Level, Voice, Tone and Drive Controls
  • 9-VDC Power Jack (also runs on standard 9V battery)
  • Hand-wired using Teflon wire
  • Baked enamel and clear finish

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