Rainger FX Son of Freakenstein


  • Hi / Lo


Rainger FX

Massive fuzz tones.

Harmonic overtone fully adjustable.

Built-in noise gate.

'Signal present' LED action.

This a stripped-down version of the Dr Freakenstein Fuzz DrFF-3.

It has the same full-on distortion circuit, housed in its own original design steel desk-type enclosure, and with true bypass footswitching.

Tone and Overtone

Son Of Freakenstein has a thick fuzz sound with lots of low-end, and with a harmonic overtone effect that's altered by turning the 'OSC' knob on the upper panel (between the input and output sockets). The range and intensity of this aspect is also changed by throwing the knifeswitch on the top panel to 'Hi' or 'Lo; it's either in-your-face and edgy, or more 'within' the sound and lower pitched.

In fact, when you use your guitar's neck pickup - tone rolled off - and the pedal on the 'Lo' knifeswitch setting with the 'OSC' knob at its lower end, a low - perfectly tracking - octave note is available.

This pedal has lots of volume available, and it's adjusted using a screwdriver on the trimpot mounted inside on the circuit board, accessible by removing the bassplate. Set your optimum output level, then replace the bassplate safe in the knowledge that the volume will stay how you want it. (See FAQ's for more Son Of Freakenstein details)

The way that this fuzz circuit works means that it has a built-in noise gate - and pre-set to the ideal sound. The result is that this pedal- like the Dr Freakenstein Fuzz - is weirdly silent between notes, missing out all the hums and hisses usually associated with hi-gain fuzz, but with full attack and sustain when you play, the prescence of a signal shown visually by the spooky LEDs under the knifeswitch turning from green to red.


  • Collossal wall-of-fuzz sound
  • Deadly silent between notes
  • Steel desk enclosure (100m x 105mm footprint) unique to Rainger FX with all sockets out of the way on the top panel
  • Harmonic overtone fully tweakable
  • Hi/Lo overtone range is knifeswitch-switchable
  • Incredible extreme styling, with only the on/Off footswitch and knifeswitch controls visible (yet fully adjustable sound)
  • It's deeply cute, but very loud indeed
  • Black leatherette paint finish for extra protection
  • Powered by 9v battery or via 'DC in' socket
  • 'Signal present' shown by green and red LED action shining on the 'Freakenstein' name, which come on when the footswitch switches the pedal on
  • Volume adjusted using non-accidental-nudging trimpot
  • Hard-wired true bypass footswitching
  • 100% Rainger FX vibe and pedigree - but at a non-monster price
  • May one day grow into a full Dr Freakenstein Fuzz

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