Rainger FX Minor Concussion - Volume Dipper


  • Mic Level
  • Release
  • Depth
  • Vol
  • Tap (footswitch)
  • Start (footswitch)


Rainger FX

Minor Concussion

  • A rhythmical compressor
  • Ultra simple 'side-chaining'
  • Triggered by mic (supplied), tap tempo or 'CV in'
  • 10 LED dip meter
  • Great for guitar or bass
  • A totally new kind of effects pedal

This groundbreaking pedal dips your volume in time with the music, making your guitar 'pump' with the drums. Put the mic inside your drummer's bass drum, set the 'mic level' control and switch it in and out as needed. It's fully adjustable - with all the controls out of the way down the side. Turn up the 'depth' and 'release' to get a rhythmical 'reverse' attack for bangin' club tracks. True bypass, custom Rainger FX enclosure. Use the Minor Concussion for 'spring-loaded' guitar!

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