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The KIL Switch (pat. pending) is a whole new kind of effects pedal. It works in a unique way, with two main modes of operation...

In KIL mode it's an on/off switch. A non-latching button only lets sound through when you press it (it's hand-operated), useful for DJ style 'transforming' effects, or just cutting out unwanted sounds (ie when you unplug things).

In LO-PASS mode it's a lo-pass filter, rolling off the top end of your sound - except (via the 'Q' control) it also adds a boost just at the cut-off frequency (that frequency also adjustable by the 'FREQ' knob).

However,the unit can be triggered to immediately drop from that 'resting' cut-off frequency, and return to it a moment later. This is done using the Heel Switch, a non-latching footswitch that you work with the heel of your foot - so you can use it all night without your leg getting tired! kilswitch front panel So if you strum out a chord and just tap your heel in time with your drummer's kick drum (they're possibly playing some bangin' clubby beat), the KIL Switch puts a nice filter-y vibe on the guitar - and adds a 'ducking' type of effect every time the kick drum hits. This is something that would usually be done in the recording studio (on computer - or with loads of complicated outboard gear), but now - with the KIL Switch - you can do it live, and it won't crash or go out-of-sync!!!

Plus the orange LEDs all over it pulse in time, and show how long or short the 'release' is (the time until it returns to the resting frequency, this also being adjustable). The LEDs also work in KIL mode when the KIL button is pressed... Either way, you get your own built-in lightshow. Of course, you can always use it purely in the studio, triggering it via the 5v 'CV in' socket, kilswitch back panel and it'll just sit there throbbing away, in time with the music...

There's also an LFO to modulate the resting cut-off frequency up and down - anything from a slow and gentle rise-and-fall to a fast wobble. This happens completely independent of the triggering, and just gives some variation to the resting frequency.

The box has a footprint of 133mm x 104mm. The KIL Switch main on/off switch is situated under the 'missile' switch cover - to stop the unit being switched on by mistake.


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