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The Compactotron is a triggered lo-pass filter. It's a stripped-down and simplified KIL Switch (eg no push-button killswitch on top) - but smaller, footswitch-able, and with true bypass. These are new kinds of effects... A lo-pass filter cuts off all the sound above a particular frequency, and lets through everything below. In this instance the cut-off frequency is adjusted by the 'Freq' control - fitted with a large knob to make adjustments with your foot easier.

However this frequency can also be cut momentarily, only to rise back to the same as before, the rate of the rise-up set by the 'Release' control. When this drop and rise happens rhythmically it gives a 'ducking' effect such as you'd get on a compressed track when when a loud kick drum sounds - an effect reminiscent of a 4-on- the- floor club tune.

The triggering of this ducking is done using the revolutionary new Heel Switch mechanism, effortlessly triggered using your heel (rather than the usual sole of your foot); a non-crashing, in-time way of syncing to your drummer live, in real-time, and - as it's your heel - your leg muscles won't get tired and cramp up.

The LEDs on the Compactotron (pat. pending) front panel pulse with every trigger, their fade-out speed a visual indication of the 'Release' setting. With regular triggering they pulse spectacularly in time with the music.

The unit comes with a Heel Switch, and an Igor pressure pad foot-controller - tiny and indestructable (another Rainger FX new idea, originally developed for the Dr Freakenstein Fuzz - hence the name) which plugs into the back panel and works the cut-off frequency, enabling the pedal to be used like a wah wah.

There's an LFO built in to automatically modulate the cut-off frequency in an up-and-down triangle wave modulation, frequency and depth adjustable.

The Compactotron also has a 'Q' switch to give high or low Q (Q is the amount of resonant boost at the actual cut-off point). Lo-pass filters with lots of Q can produce enormous amounts of bass frequencies when the cut-off is very low; however the Compactotron is voiced to filter these out - and so save your guitar amp speakers.

Main features:

  • A unique new kind of effect with cutting edge sounds
  • Stunning LED display
  • Housed in a tough diecast aluminium enclosure (118mm x 94mm x 30mm)
  • variable release - to match track tempo
  • True bypass footswitching
  • Heel Switch and Igor contollers included
  • LFO option - with depth and rate controls - to sweep the cut-off frequency up and down
  • Variable Q
  • Very cool 'Tron' styling
  • powered via 'DC in' socket (or 9v battery)

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