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Meet sonic oblivion: the TUA aka the Total, Utter Annihilation Metalcore Distortion. This is the be all end all of high-gain distortions, and it provides the most guttural, gnashing, straight-from-Hades sounds you'll ever hear.

The TUA is loaded with 6 controls, opening the doors to unlimited sounds and preferences. From left to right we have Volume, Presence, Bass, Mid, Treble, and Gain, and all are highly interactive with one another. Here's a run-down of what each control does:

  • Volume controls the overall output level.
  • Presence controls how "forward" or "backward" in the mix the effect's sound is.
  • Bass controls the amount of low frequencies that remain in the mix.
  • Mid controls the amount of midrange frequencies that remain in the mix.
  • Treble controls the amount of treble frequencies that remain in the mix.
  • Gain controls just how much distortion you want.

The EQ controls are extremely interactive, and all work as roll-offs, meaning, counterclockwise will cut the upper frequencies while keeping the lower frequencies intact, and clockwise will cut lower frequencies while maintaining the upper frequencies (setting them all to 12 o'clock will be somewhere close to neutral). Each control's control is also tied to the others, so setting the Bass frequencies impacts how much mid and treble is left in the signal for those controls to manipulate. Setting the Mid impacts how much bass and treble is left for those controls. And — you guessed it — setting the Treble controls how much bass and mid is left for those controls to tweak. So, as you adjust each control, you're also adjusting the remaining frequencies for all the other ranges — and this is what allows you to explicitly dial-in and fine-tune the TUA to get exactly the sound you want.

Each TUA is painted metallic black with a high-gloss finish, and sports polished aluminum knobs — and as with all my effects, only the finest quality parts are used: cast aluminum shells, Switchcraft jacks, individually selected transistors, carbon resistors, high-end capacitors, and personally designed plate-through PCBs. The TUA is true bypass, sports a 9-volt center pin negative (BOSS style) DC jack, and DOES NOT support and internal battery (a DC-jack to 9-volt battery cable is available). Made by hand, one at a time, here in the USA.

RAILhead Effects

The TUA now comes in two flavors: Etched and Painted. The etched finish is hand sanded and polished, and sports metallic black paint in the recesses.


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2013-09-079.5/10  Good range on controls, powerful eq, unique, cuts through in a band context easily, small footprint Not suitable for heavy palm muting

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