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The Switch is the quick and easy way to toggle between two different channels, or send two channels into one output — and it looks great doing it! You can plug your instrument into the input, then send the signal out through channels A and B. Or, maybe you want 2 guitars plugged in, both going to the same amp. In this case, just plug your guitars into the A and B jacks, then send the signal from the "input" jack to your amp.

Point-to-point wiring makes The Switch dead quiet, and it sports two LEDs that quickly let you know which channel you have selected. If you aren't worried about the LEDs, The Switch still works passively without a battery.

The Switch A/B Channel Switch comes in two finishes: Etched and Hand-Painted. The etched finish is hand sanded and polished, and sports metallic black paint in the recesses. The painted version is hand-painted, one at a time, so no two are alike — and as with all my effects, only the finest quality parts are used, like cast aluminum shells and Switchcraft jacks. The Switch sports a 9-volt center pin negative (BOSS style) DC jack and an internal battery clip. Made by hand, one at a time, here in the USA.

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