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The Peach Custom Fuzz represents my tip-of-the-hat to the classic Fuzz Face sound from the 60s — but I've tweaked the circuit to sound the way I like fuzz to sound: extra fat, rich, thick, and ragged.

The Peach has two controls: Juice and Fuzz. Juice controls the effect's output volume, Fuzz controls the amount of fuzz you hear. How simple is that? I will say, though, that I like to keep Fuzz maxed-out and use my guitar's volume control to fine-tune the amount of fuzz I have. One of the great things about the fuzz circuit is that it's remarkably interactive with the input signal you send it, so cutting back on your guitar's volume even as little as 5% to 10% will give you a totally different sound.

The Peach is NPN silicon-based, and the transistors are carefully selected to give the Peach the awesome tone it has. And of course, I custom bias each Peach before shipping to ensure you're getting the fuzz sound you expect.

Every Peach is hand painted, so no two are alike — and as with all my effects, only the finest quality parts are used: cast aluminum shells, Switchcraft jacks, individually selected transistors, carbon resistors, high-end capacitors, and personally designed plate-through PCBs. The Peach is true bypass, sports a 9-volt center pin negative (BOSS style) DC jack, and an internal battery clip. Made by hand, one at a time, here in the USA.

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