Radial Tonebone PZ-Deluxe - Acoustic Instrument Preamp


Radial Engineering (press release January 19, 2012)

Vancouver, BC - Radial Engineering Ltd. is pleased to announce the latest addition to the Tonebone™ pedal line, the PZ-Deluxe acoustic instrument preamp.

According to Radial Sales Manager Steve McKay: "The Radial PZ-Pre has long been heralded as the world's finest pedal style preamp and is used by a diverse list of artists including James Taylor, Lawrence Juber and Jerry Douglas. But at $400, it is simply too expense for the weekend player. The PZ-Deluxe bridges the gap with the same quality but at half the price, opening up the door for so many more players."

The Radial PZ-Deluxe begins with a choice of direct input for acoustic guitars with built-in electronics for magnetic pickups. A second PZB booster stage can be turned on that changes the input gain structure and introduces an ultra high impedance to better match piezo transducers. The result is a smoother response without the usual peaks that plague most piezo systems. This makes the PZ-Deluxe ideal for upright bass, violin and other acoustic instruments.

A four band semi-parametric EQ provides voicing while a 3 position high-pass filter eliminates resonance that is the primary cause of on-stage feedback. The PZ-Deluxe is outfitted with a stage amp output for the artist plus a balanced Radial DI output to feed the PA system. These are equipped with a 180 deg polarity reverse to help eliminate frequency bumps when both the PA and stage amp are on. A ground lift switch on the XLR helps eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops. A third tuner out works with an on-board footswitch to mute for tuning while a second footswitch engages a variable power booster for solos both of which should help bring a more polished show to the stage.  

And as with all Radial product, the PZ-Deluxe is made from heavy duty 14 gauge steel and baked enamel finish for maximum durability. All switches and knobs employ metal casings for longer life.

Delivery is expected to begin in early March.

Retail price is $250.00 USD.

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