Radial Tonebone Hot British V9 - Plexi-Style Distortion


Radial Tonebone

Turn your sparkling clean amp into a high-gain rock and metal machine with Radial's Hot-British V9 Distortion Pedal. Taking the reigns from the original tube-driven Tonebone Hot-British pedal, this new model evokes the classic British tones that the original was famous for, but without the power-hungry tube. Nixing the tube and using a Class-A solid-state tone circuit allows this pedal to use standard 9V power supplies (available separately) and have a significantly smaller footprint.

The front panel features five knobs and two switches for precise tone-crafting. The drive control ranges from subtle classic-rock crunch all the way through British heavy-metal madness. The contour knob adjusts the overall character of the distortion, making it warmer or brighter, depending on your preference. The High and Low EQ knobs in combination with the Mid-Boost and Top-End switches, operate post-distortion in order to preserve your playing dynamics by not over-saturating the gain stages.

Additional features of the Hot-British V9 include a 14-gauge steel enclosure that will survive many a stomp, night after night, and a Class-A buffer that, even while bypassing the distortion circuit, keeps your tone pristine while transforming it into a low-impedance signal to drive long cable runs or complex pedalboards.


  • High-Gain Plexi-Style Distortion
  • Pedalboard-Friendly Form Factor
  • Drive, Contour, and Level Controls
  • High and Low Post-Distortion EQ
  • Mid-Boost and Top-End Selection Switches
  • 14-Gauge Steel Enclosure
  • Class-A Buffered Bypass Circuit

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