R3FX is run by Jim Rodgers. There are no other employees though Jim's wife sometimes helps with drilling holes in circuit boards. The pedals are made in their home in Milford (a suburb on the outskirts of Cincinnati), Ohio.

    Timeline (by Jim Rodgers)

    • 2009 - Starting building pedals for people other than myself.
    • 2010 - Started off using 'BMF Electronics' as the name of the business, which was too close for comfort to 'BMF Effects', so after learning about them, I changed the name to R3FX.
    • 2010 - Learned how to powdercoat, switched to a powdercoating finish
    • 2010 - Learned how to do silkscreening, which I have yet to put into production, but someday soon
    • 2011 - Hard year to keep up with, was playing in 3 bands, working full time, family issues
    • 2012 - Started doing R3FX full time.

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