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The Kentaur overdrive is R3D electronics' take on the classic Centaur.

You'll get all the sweet transparent overdrive that everyone has come to love plus more.

When it comes to this kind of overdrive, almost all players have their opinion on the "magic" diodes that go into the pedal.

We've tested and listened to hundreds of them, finally settling on new old stock germanium diodes that sound just as great as the originals, if not better.

We've paid special attention to the boost qualities of this overdrive that it's become famous for, giving you smooth compression and a fuller sound when the gain control is turned down.

This allows you and your amp to get everything they're capable of. When you do crank up the gain, you get a powerful overdrive that will take you to 11.

With two other controls to hone in on your sound, the “Output” control sets the overall volume.

The "Treble" control adjusts the characteristics of the overdrive tone, allowing for fine control to get your signature sound.

Also, just like the original, the Kentaur features an 18-volt charge pump that provides you with abundant headroom and increased definition.

All built by hand with the highest quality components, the famous Centaur buffer, and extremely high attention to detail.

The R3D electronics Kentaur overdrive is an extremely versatile, classic, and great sounding overdrive that will make you ask yourself "How did I ever live without this pedal?"

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