Quinn Prophet


Our version of one of the most famous of all fuzz circuits ever! Equally happy serving guitar or bass.

What sets this circuit apart from other octave fuzzes is the way it uniquely produces the upper and lower harmonic octaves. Any octave circuit will give you some great sounds around the twelfth fret and higher, but can lose a lot as you get to the lower registers. Our circuit has a great balance of octave and fuzz effect: upper registers scream or growl (depending on where the tone switch is set) with a wickedness that will stand your hair on end! As you play lower on the frets you still keep that harmonically rich octave goodness present to each note.

The Prophet pedal is also perfectly balanced so that if you play chords, it’s not a mess of ring modulated “klang” but rather a very sweet and wicked “kerrang”… It traverses the regions of killer chording fuzz and single note screaming octave upper lead tones easily. All fuzz, no fuss.

Fuzz and Volume knobs plus a Tone select switch generate a wide array of killer tones for guitar or bass.

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