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The Lunar Drive is a smooth overdrive/boost pedal that includes a treble and bass tone stack. It utilizes BAT41 clipping diodes to give you a smooth overdrive. It's wired for true bypass and complete with a sparkly black powdercoat that will last many years.

Use it as a full overdrive for leads or thick rhythms or use it to boost an already driven amp or pedal of your choice. You can even dime boost the bass to get into an almost fuzzish territory.

The treble and bass knobs allow you to further sculpt your guitar tone to your exact tastes. Use the treble knob to roll of some high end to smooth it out and use the bass knob to add some thump to your notes and modify the clipping frequency of the drive.

When I created this pedal I wanted something that filled a large void on my pedal board without using multiple different pedals. I wanted a drive for some of the smoother leads, a boost to push a couple of my higher gained pedals, and a boost to give my single coiled guitars more volume and added bite.

It runs on a standard negative tip 9v adapter which is common with a vast majority of pedals out there.

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